Our History

Present day

The history of our congregation began over a century ago. In the early 1890s, a group of Christians worshipping in a nearby schoolhouse decided to divide into two groups: one built a chapel in Scrapple Town, now known as Fairville; the other moved to Fairville Station, which later became Mendenhall. The Mendenhall group incorporated as the Fairville Chapel Association and in 1899, built the main portion of our present day church. For the first 12 years of our existence, the church operated as an independent chapel and Sunday school. Since then, we have made renovations to our facility to accommodate our growing needs.

In May 1911, the Chapel Association was received as a congregation into what is now the Presbyterian Church (USA). Most of the early church members were farmers, railroad workers, and storekeepers. Today, we have a diverse membership representing a variety of occupations, interests and denominational backgrounds.

Although our community has changed, some things have remained the same; we are still a group of Christians who love God and seek to worship and serve Him.